BACKGROUND started it's sales of clothing & gadgets online back in 2004. We also arranged concerts and produced demos / discs which then became our main business for some years. 
But now we're back since fall 2013 - a little bit older, a little bit better, but much better looking! 


The heart of the company is not in profit, or sales at any cost at the expense of others, but with the music in our hearts, our feet in the DIY culture and with the desire to offer something unique! We wantthat our business in general behave ethically both to our suppliers and towards our customers. 

We do not want anything to do with products, companies, labor or opinions that make the world worse. Only better, and possibly a little cooler! 

Have an opinion on any product that is not in line with our policy, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can do something about it!

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